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Candidates at JFK-FDR Dinner in Guernsey County 

at which Lange cited the progressive 1944 "Second Bill of Rights" by FDR, which includes the right to decent housing and a good education for all Americans; a forerunner of Bernie Sanders platform embraced today by the Our Revolution movement.

Lange, the only Berniecrat in the race, is the clear choice

Campaign Platform Highlights

at Washington County Democratic Party Spring Dinner 3/26/2018. Read full article...

"The gun lobby has invested heavily in Ohio's GOP Congressman to do their bidding in permitting the sale of assault weapons like that used to slaughter school kids in Florida on Valentine's Day", states Werner Lange, a Democratic candidate for Ohio's 6th Congressional seat who supports a sale ban on assault weapons nationwide.

At the Columbiana County Board of Elections in Lisbon at high noon on February 5, Lange files nominating petition containing 232 signatures of Democrats from half of the 18 counties comprising the gerrymandered 6th Congressional District; the BOE would only accept 149 of them, no more than three times the minimum amount.

While Trump was touting his tyranny today in Southwestern Ohio, an Our Revolution campaign officially kicked off in Appalachia of Southeastern Ohio. Today, at high noon, Werner Lange filed petitions with the Columbiana County Board of Elections to be the Democratic Party nominee for Ohio's distressed 6th Congressional District. The petitions...