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GOP Tax Scam Exposed

Democrat Congressional Candidate Lange Denounces GOP Tax Scam

When he filed his petitions, on Monday, for his 5th disastrous term in Congress misrepresenting the working families of Ohio's 6th Congressional District, the current incumbent is quoted as praising "the progress we've made like the recently passed tax reform...".

Democratic challenger Werner Lange, critically asks: "What progress?!"

"The GOP tax plan is a huge giveaway to the super-rich and big corporations" states Lange, "It represents the biggest transfer of wealth through public policy from the middle class and poor to the top 1% in the history of America."

"This so-called reform is a plan for, of and by the billionaire donor class who routinely purchases politicians like their incumbent to do their bidding."

"This tax scam makes huge cuts in corporate taxes permanent; provides mere temporary crumbs to working families who will soon see their taxes increase; blows a colossal hole of some $1.5 trillion in the national debt; seriously endangers the economy; and invites drastic cuts in Social Security; Medicare; and all other government programs designed to help the 99%".

The nonpartisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimates that households making less than $100,000 per year (just about every family in the 6th Congressional District) will have taxes increased. And Our Revolution, the social movement founded by Bernie Sanders and embraced by Lange, calls this scam "corporate greed at its most dangerous".

"The GOP tax scam, praised by the bought-off incumbent, comes straight out of an earlier game plan - the one that led to economic collapse in 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s."

Lange, when elected, will work with other progressive Democrats in Congress to repeal this disastrous GOP tax scam, and help implement progressive tax and other legislation favoring the 99%.


While Trump was touting his tyranny today in Southwestern Ohio, an Our Revolution campaign officially kicked off in Appalachia of Southeastern Ohio. Today, at high noon, Werner Lange filed petitions with the Columbiana County Board of Elections to be the Democratic Party nominee for Ohio's distressed 6th Congressional District. The petitions contained the signatures of some 200 Democrats, over four times the required minimum, generated from half of the 18 counties of this District gerrymandered to be a permanent GOP fortress.

"I am running for Congress in these critical times because I believe in one nation under God, not a divided one under the GOP; and I also believe in miracles", said Lange, "As the Democratic challenger, I fully intend to break the GOP stranglehold here by beating the corporate-funded incumbent and his million-dollar campaign war chest with a wealth of progressive ideas."

"Johnson has terribly misrepresented the salt of the earth throughout his hard-pressed district, and it is high time for a big change, one that reflects the progressive values and stances of Our Revolution initiated by Bernie Sanders."

"On every single major public policy issue, my campaign embraces and promotes the exact opposite of the imported incumbent's woefully backward stances and wretchedly harmful votes."

"His misguided support for the GOP tax scam invites economic collapse and cuts to Social Security; his blind promotion of fossil fuels and fracking threatens to further destroy our natural environment; he perpetuates, rather than helps fix, the terribly broken heath care; public education; and criminal justice systems; and his servile support of Trump's tyranny erodes the quality of our life; the morality of our government; and the vitality of our democratic institutions."

"To halt and reverse that course to disaster and race to the bottom propelled by this bought-off politician, he needs to be replaced with a public servant who truly represents the true interests of the working families in this hard-pressed District, not the super-rich 1% which is running and ruining our country. Whether that is me or the other fine candidate, Shawna Roberts, is up to the voters in this first round. Either of us would be a thousand times better than this puppet of the billionaire class."

"Unlike the Super Bowl, democracy is no spectator sport; and it is my fervent hope that voters will turn out massively to finally drive this bought-off politician from office and send him back to wherever he came from before being imported by the GOP to misrepresent the gerrymandered 6th Congressional District for four disastrous terms. God willing and the people voting, there will not be a fifth." 

Grave Dangers of Fracking

Democratic Congressional Candidate Lange Lashes Out Against Fracking

"The natural gas pipeline explosion on January 31 in eastern Noble County should be a loud wake-up call for everyone as to the grave dangers posed by fracking", said Werner Lange, a Democratic Candidate for Ohio's 6th Congressional District.

"These dangers are, of course, not just restricted to massive pipeline explosions, but include threats to fresh water supplies; contamination of lakes, rivers and wetlands; environmental health problems; air and noise pollution; man-made earthquakes; destruction of wildlife habitats; and damage to property values."

Let the facts speak for themselves:

  • each of the many hundreds of Utica Shale gas wells in SE Ohio consumes an average of around 5 million gallons of fresh water;
  • about 12% of the total "available water" in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District is drained by the fracking industry;
  • "the ultimate result of extensive gas exploitation to the Muskingum River Watershed will be that groundwater and surface water contamination will occur...toxic hydro-fracking fluids injected deeply into the ground will move with groundwater flow systems, eventually moving upward into freshwater aquifers, reservoirs and waterways" (Hydroquest, "Hydrogeologic Concerns", 2012)
  • pipeline failure caused a massive pipeline explosion in Morgan County in 2011;
  • in December 2017, a gas pipeline operated by Kinder Morgan exploded killing two farmers, a father and son, in Illinois;
  • in October 2017, a massive natural gas pipeline leak and explosion on the Columbia Gas Transmission System killed a worker in Bethlehem Township;
  • Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) spilled some 2 million gallons of drilling fluid into the Tuscawaras River watershed in April 2017 ("ETP frustrated by order to stop Rover pipeline drilling in Ohio", Rueters, Jan. 29, 2018);
  • Ohio, particularly the 6th Congressional District, has become a dumping ground for massive quantities of fracked toxic waste from other states;
  • the Kansas-based Tallgrass Energy Partners (TEP), owners and operators of the Seneca Lateral pipeline that exploded on Jan. 31, was only founded in 2013 in order to handsomely cash in on fracking in SE Ohio and elsewhere.

"What is happening in SE Ohio with this invasion of these profit-hungry fracking industries could not be worse if an avaricious alien force had taken over and systematically depleted our natural resources; poisoned our water wells and aquifers; ruined our roads; contaminated our lakes; destroyed the Wayne National Forest; and harmed our health, leaving a path of destruction and despair when finished raping mother earth for their pleasure and profit".

"I join Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich in calling for an end to fracking and the restoration of fracked communities in Ohio"


At the Columbiana County Board of Elections in Lisbon at high noon on February 5, Lange files nominating petition containing 232 signatures of Democrats from half of the 18 counties comprising the gerrymandered 6th Congressional District; the BOE would only accept 149 of them, no more than three times the minimum amount.

The signatures were gathered during some bitterly cold days in front of post offices; libraries; parking lots; grocery stores; and door-to-door visits. The amount of effort it took to accomplish this task is just a small indication of the determination inspiring this progressive campaign. The overwhelming message received from those who signed was that change is desperately needed and this misrepresentative has got to go. Thanks to petition circulators, Tony Danzo in Tuscawaras County, David Tabachnick in Muskingum County and Gunther Lange in Mahoning County, who assisted in securing the requisite number of signatures.

Falls man joins 6th District Race 

Tribune Chronicle, Warren, February 5, 2018

Revitalize Appalachian Ohio

Congressional Candidate Calls for Massive Infrastructure Investment by Feds

"The water main break in Bellaire, which shut down water for the entire village, is not an isolated incident. The same preventable disaster happened in Steubenville about a week earlier, and these ruptures will continue to happen until our aging infrastructure is modernized now."

Democratic Congressional Candidate Lange calls for massive investment by the federal government, the only branch of government that can afford this public works project, in the crumbling infrastructure throughout the 6th Congressional District. As a resident of officially defined Appalachia, Lange also calls for the equivalent of a Marshall Plan for Appalachian Ohio to raise the quality of life of our hard-pressed residents.

"The money for such badly needed infrastructure investment is there, and it's about time residents in Appalachian Ohio got some of their tax money back from Washington D.C. Repeal of the draconian GOP tax scam and reduction of the bloated military budget would supply the needed funds for infrastructure investment in Appalachian Ohio and throughout the country."

Presidents Day 2018: Down with Trump and this Trumper
Presidents Day 2018: Down with Trump and this Trumper

Ban Sale of Assault Weapons


"The gun lobby has invested heavily in Ohio's GOP Congressman to do their bidding in permitting the sale of assault weapons like that used to slaughter school kids in Florida on Valentine's Day", states Werner Lange, a Democratic candidate for Ohio's 6th Congressional seat who supports a sale ban on assault weapons nationwide.

"Over the course of the last four federal election cycles (2010-2016), the NRA has poured over $163,000 into the campaign coffers of Ohio's GOP Congressional Representatives. Incumbent

Johnson was one of their biggest beneficiaries of their blood money."

"Since his election in 2010, the NRA has invested over $13,000 into his bloated campaign war chest, and got their expected return on their investment. Johnson, received an "A" rating from the NRA Political Victory Fund in 2016 with a 93% approval score. By contrast, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gave him a flat 0% for his consistent support of more guns in circulation".

By contrast Werner Lange has just today joined hundreds of thousands of other Americans in calling for sanity in our gun laws by signing a petition to the US Congress which reads:

As of late January, numerous mass shootings had already occurred in the United States in 2018. When a school shooting happened on Valentine's Day, it was the 12th mass shooting of the year (so far). States with more guns have more deaths, and states where it's harder to get guns have fewer gun-related deaths. It doesn't get any simpler than that: Gun safety laws work. Enough is enough. We need gun safety laws now. We had ENOUGH of the gun lobby obstructing any and all reasonable gun regulations that save lives. No more mass shootings!