Progressive Democrat for 6th Congressional District of Ohio

The future rests on us now.

Prepare a path in the wilderness of Congress.

Vote Lange.

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Vote Lange.

 No more War. Know more Peace.

Our Revolution

The historic 2016 presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders continues into 2018 and well beyond with the growing grassroots social movement, Our Revolution, which is mobilizing massive resistance to the Trump regime, and is fielding thousands of truly progressive candidates at all levels of government from the local to the national. For more information about Our Revolution and how you can get involved, visit the website

Your Candidate

Lange, the father of five adult children and Opa of six grandchildren, has been actively involved in progressive politics and social movements his entire adult life, mostly in Ohio. He brings a wealth of practical experience and a passionate dedication to democracy to this campaign in the terribly gerrymandered sixth congressional district, the boundaries of which are as absurd as the politics of its current incumbent, a puppet of the super-rich 1% and part of the Trump regime.

In the News

Lange Campaign in Action

at start of the St. Patrick's Day Campbell-Dickinson Fun Run in Toronto; proceeds benefit a local cancer center TEAR fund and the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization

at the 1st Westminster Church in downtown Steubenville for the monthly food distribution and free lunch for local cancer patients undergoing treatment; a packed house. March 17.

Protesting at the unmarked entrance of the NorthStar injection well, which has polluted mother earth in the 6th District with over 56 million gallons of out-of-state fracking waste in the past two years alone.

North Lima, March 9.

Joined the moving commemoration of the massacre of 96 pacifist Christian Native Americans in Gnadenhutten ("Sanctuaries of Grace") on March 8, 1782, and gave a protest statement about this American tragedy. Gnadenhutten, March 8.

At the Working People's Day of Action rally and protest. Columbus, Feb. 24.

"Unrig the System" at the Working People's Day of Action rally and protest. Columbus, Feb. 24.

At the Working People's Day of Action rally and protest. Columbus, Feb. 24.

Two Progressive Candidates (both teachers!) at Working People's Day of Action, Feb. 24, at the Ohio State Capitol: Me and Rob Jarvis (D-15thCD).

Serving eviction notice: you're out in January 2019

Cambridge, Feb. 28.

Protesting on day 15 of Lenten fast.

Cambridge, Feb. 28.

Thumbs up for Ohio son and Muskingham grad John Glenn

Cambridge, Feb. 28.

On the banks of the overflowing Ohio River in the once thriving pottery capital. East Liverpool, Feb. 25.

With Jenny Boyle of River Valley Voices in Action and Ohio Organizing Coll., Walnut Lanes Bowling for Ballot. East Liverpool, Feb. 25.

Hunger for Justice protest at Mahoning County Court #3 on the 10th day of the Lenten Protest Fast.

Sebring, Feb. 23.

Presidents Day 2018: Down with Trump and this Trumper!

Salem, Feb. 19.

This vintage diner closed by the Health Department is symbolic of unhealthy economic/political/social conditions in Appalachian Ohio.

Lisbon, Feb. 19.